Gift Registry




Register your Special Occasion with our Online Gift Registry & earn up to $1000 in a Design Therapy Home Gift Card.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Create an account.

Step 2: Choose from Wedding Registry, Anniversary, Birthday, House Warming or other (because is there a wrong occasion to get gifts??)

Step 3: Fill your cart with all the things you would like people to buy you. Make sure you choose a variety of prices & options including gift cards to be able to include everyone that wants to participate

Step 4: Tell all of your friends and family that you have registered with us by sending them the link. Let them know that we will make their shopping easy for them!

***For every $100 spent by your guests with your Registry including Gift Cards, we will give you a Design Therapy Gift Card worth $5 up to $1000***

Step 5: Come in and collect your Design Therapy Gift Card to enjoy! The gift card has a 1 year expiry and can be used on anything in the store from furniture, to bedding, towels, art etc. Spend it all at once or use it slowly; the choice is yours.

For more details on our Registry email [email protected] or call 250-338-0211