Vase Mercana Burton V Large 30952

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The Burton series thin neck vases combine a clean glossy finish with a raw matte base. Perfect on their own, or mix and match between the 5 different shapes and sizes.

  • 15.7" High Vase

    The Burton vase, measuring 6.3" long by 6.3" wide by 15.7" high, is a beautiful piece that adds a trendy accent to your space. 

  • Ceramic Construction

    The Burton, skillfully crafted from ceramic, is a beautiful and unique addition to your space that looks great by itself or when paired with other vases that compliment it. 

  • Superior Finish

    The Burton is finished in a spectacular white/grey glaze with a crackle detail, making it a stunning vase that is sure to turn heads. 

  • Elegant/Coastal Inspired Design

    Featuring a stunning design that flaunts clean lines and subtle curves, this vase makes for a gorgeous addition to spaces based on the coastal or elegant design style.

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